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If you have any kind of confusion regarding our working criteria then you can use the contact details from the “Contact Us” page and send us your queries and confusions. you will need to provide us your email address so that we can reply you with the issues that you are having at your network.

Collecting the Cookies from your Website

When you access our website you will notice that search is collecting the cookies from your web browser. You do not need to feel insecure about this because the cookies are collected so that you can best possible ads from our web server. You will get the cookies notification at the bottom of your web page and you will need to click on “OK” button. If you click on the “OK” button that means you are actually allowing the web server to collect the cookies from your web browser. You can easily deny collecting the cookies from your websites if you are still having any kind of insecurities in your mind. Remember that any kind of IP address and MAC address information is not associated to the cookies that are collected from your web browser.

Besides colleting the cookies for Google ads you will also find that Google analytics code is also placed to this website. Google Analytics is used to make a graph that user using and browsing the website. These cookies will collect the information regarding the user behaviors. Your IP address and cookies information will not be used anywhere else by anyone.

Collecting the Personal Information From User

We also collect some personal details from you and these details are used to serve the required details to the users. We never share your personal contact information to a third party so relax while you are sending us your issues.

Our team never demand details regarding your gender, your political connections or your religion because any such kind of details are not at all required to resolve your issues. We only get your details on case we can promise that we will maintain these details very confidential.

Our team members can change the privacy policy so that we can continue to provide you best possible services. We suggest out readers to provide their feed back to us time to time so that we can keep changing the policies with time.

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