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Amped ac2600 wifi router 5 GHz wifi settings

Once you have connected all the devices of your modem and router and connects all the antennas with your router then you can follow the below steps to configure the settings of 5GHz frequency by visiting http // setup website. When you visit this website, it will take you to a dashboard of the setup in which you can configure the settings of the 5GHz frequency of wifi. So let’s learn how we can do the 5GHz Wifi settings.

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Basic settings of 5GHz:

The page will allow you to adjust the settings for your 5GHz wireless network, so follow the below steps for that:

  • First of all, disable the 5.0 frequency of your wifi connection as it will turn off all the activities of 5GHz and users will not be able to access it anymore to connect the internet or your network.
  • After disabling, you need to select the compatible wifi standard and speed for your wireless network.
  • Now, click on Disable Broadcast SSID which will hide the visibility of SSID of the 5GHz frequency of your router, so the user will need to enter the SSID manually to connect with your network.

amped ac2600

  • As we know that the wifi networks operate on a specific wireless channel so you should select some network channels and must select any different channel number, however, if you are using your repeater with this network then it is recommended that you set a static channel, instead of using Automatic channels.
  • You should give priority to the multimedia data over the wireless network.
  • Select the active users which are using your 5GHz wireless network.
  • In the transmission beamforming option, you can enable or disable the befoaming capabilities with the befoaming capable devices which can increase the wifi connection reliability and range of the network and signals of your wireless connection.
  • The Mu-MIMO can also be enabled or disabled. If you enable the MU-MIMO then the router will send the data to multiple devices at the same time which will increase the overall network performance and speed of your wireless connection.

http //

Settings for your Guests or visitors:

  • For the guest network, you can add or make new networks by using a new SSID name to your wireless network with some limitations.
  • All the networks made by you for the guests have a unique password or a security key which can be configured from the security option on the settings page.
  • The guest’s networks will be with some restrictions so that they cannot check or hack your private or confidential data and can use the limited internet on their device.
  • On the guest network IDs, you can see the number of devices added to your network and using the network and you can block or unblock any user from using your network at any time.

So, if you are not sure that which router is best for your home or office then you can use this router in your home and office as well to get and experience the best and fast speed internet on your devices.

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